Characteristics of Hardwood

Characteristics of HardwoodWood choices can be overwhelming. Although all wood looks relatively the same, there are more differences than just the price. There are two basic categories of lumber: hardwood and softwood. While softwood usually comes from quickly growing juniper trees, hardwood comes from slow growing deciduous trees. Because hardwood trees like Ash, Maple, and Oak take their time, the wood grain is much finer. Hardwood is less susceptible to bending or scratching than softwood, which makes it perfect for art pieces or furniture.

How Hardwood Is Sculpted into Art

How Hardwood Is Sculpted into ArtBecause hardwood has a lower water content than softwood, it has a much firmer texture. You might be able to leave an indentation with a fingernail in the surface of a softwood, but that usually isn’t possible with hardwoods. Because it is naturally harder, the wood can be difficult to work with. Carpenters that work with hardwood generally have to use sharper saws and carving tools, because wood can be more difficult to cut through. Hardwood can also be difficult to mold or bend.

Hardwood Gifts

Hardwood GiftsHardwood trees grow very slowly, making the wood more rare and expensive. Hardwood boasts beautiful wood grain patterns, and lovely colors. You can buy reddish Cherry, cream-colored Maple, or interesting Knotted Alder. Because of the huge variety of interesting hardwoods, artisans use this neat medium in order to craft beautiful works of art. Relief carvings, totem poles, and mosaics are all interesting art pieces created from hardwood that are commonly given as gifts. In some places, locals create inexpensive hardwood carvings to sell to tourists.

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